MOUntainview EFC AWANA clubs

Have a Great Summer!!!

Registration for the 2021/2022 club year will be on Wednesday, August 25th, 6:30-7:30pm.  Stay tuned for more information!  


‚ÄčTruth in Training encompasses clubbers who are in 3rd-6th grade.  Here, clubbers are challenged to learn truths found in the bible, and memorize verses that support these truths.  There is an additional opportunity for these clubbers to show off their hard work through a bible Quiz competition against other clubs.


 ‚ÄčThis club is for preschool age clubbers who are 1-2 years away from starting Kindergarten.  In Cubbies, we get a head start by learning basic concepts about God and His Word, including that God is the Creator, He keeps His promises and that God is in charge.  Each night includes a story time, games and a chance for clubbers to recite their verses that they have been learning with their parents through the week.

Trek is designed for 6th - 8th grade middle school students. This curriculum encourages students to think through their beliefs, discuss God's will regarding societal issues and challenge students to address how they see themselves serving God.  Journey works with 9th-12th grade high school students. As these student continue to grow and mature, we want to challenge them to look at the world from a Godly perspective and actively live out their faith.  


 If your child is in Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade, this is the club for them.  Sparks is a place to build a growing foundation and knowledge about people and events in the bible.  Each week includes a counsel time, games and a chance to recite verses and show activities they have completed through the week.